Organization Structure

KOTC consists of two directorates and is headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The two directorates, Fleet Operations and Financial Affairs& Administration are each headed by a Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO).


    1. Acting Chief Executive Officer
      Shk.Khaled Ahmed Al Sabah
        1. Vision 1
        2. Deputy C.E.O. Financial Affairs & Administration
          Mr. Hamad Al-Meshari
          1. Manager Public Relations & Admin.Services
            Mr. Abdulhadi Ahmad
          2. Manager Information & Communication Technology Group
            Mr. Hani Behbehani
          3. Manager Commercial Group
            Ms. Fatma Alghanim
          4. Manager Financial Accounts Group
            Ms. Roukiya Al-Murjan
          5. Manager HR & Career Development Group
            Mr. Abdullah Al-Enezi
          6.   Manager Planning Group
            Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Hassem
        3. General Counselor & Manager Legal Affairs Group
          Mr. Ahmad AbdulGhani

        4. Deputy C.E.O. Fleet Operations
          Mr. Yousef Al-Sager
          1. Manager Fleet Operations   Group
            Mr. Ahmad Al-Salem
          2. Manager Fleet Personnel Group
            Mr. Bader Al-Otaibi
          3. Manager Fleet Engineering & New building Projects
            Mr. Emad Naser
          4. Manager Health, Safety & Environment Group
            Mr. Anwar Mahdi Buftain
          5. Projects & MARINE AGENCY Group
            Mr. Yousef Al Khamis
          6. Manager LPG Filling Branch (Shuaiba)
            Mr. Khaled Abdulrazag Al-Adsani
          7. Manager LPG Filling Branch    (Um Al-Aish)
            Mr. Ahmed Al-Bdah

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